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A number of celebrities have participated in the tech-focused outlet’s project, including Amy Schumer, Nick Jonas, the cast of “Stranger Things,” and more notable names. ” Pattinson feigns shock at the possibility he has a secret child that he doesn’t know about, and his colleague amusingly points out, “I don’t think you can have a baby,” leading him to crack up.

Then towards the end of the clip, another “most searched question” is revealed to be, “Who is Robert Pattinson[‘s] wife?

She's great.”Though their breakup was very public and very difficult ("It was incredibly painful," Kristen has said of it in the past), the pair seem to be back on good terms.

Kristen Stewart as well, yeah, yeah, yeah,” before adding, "Catherine Hardwicke, too.

Try not to turn into the human version of 🚨🚨🚨🚨, but Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were just spotted hanging together for the first time in FOREVER.

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His scenes, however, were cut from the theatrical release.If any of these stories were accurate, Pattinson would currently be a polygamist with a growing family. “Katy Perry Pressuring Robert Pattinson To Get Married? As his Wired interview showed, though, he did not have a baby and he doesn’t have a wife, let alone multiple of each. “Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs NOT Married, Despite ‘New Wife’ Claim.” Gossip Cop, 15 Feb. His reaction to both topics in this interview show how bogus such stories are, but also expose a larger which they answer the “web’s most searched questions” about each of them.Pattinson was asked about some of the "boss ladies" he's worked with in his career, and listed his ex-girlfriend among them. I mean, I've worked with some real power houses. It was also reported that they were spending time together back in February. On June 5, they reunited at a birthday party for mutual friend Lily-Rose Depp and were seen hanging out within the party and again in the car.Fans end up turning to search engines in hopes of finding out the truth. It’s critical then that facts are prioritized over fiction. “Robert Pattinson & Mia Wasikowska Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions.” You Tube, 20 June 2018. “Kristen Stewart Did NOT Have Robert Pattinson Baby - THROWBACK THURSDAY.” Gossip Cop, 3 July 2014. Robert Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986 as the third child and only son of Richard and Clare Pattinson.His foray into showbiz began in local London theater productions and modeling.

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