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So when Levi moves away, Eren has to raise a baby all by himself.Now, that Levi is back in town, things are really awkward. Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman are childhood friends who are just starting their freshman year at Wallbreak University.Eren, an alpha born in a world full of betas, has learned to accept the difficulties of living between people who lost their connection to the secondary genders.

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Apparently, for Eren though, his soulmate can stop and start time, and he’s the only one un-affected.

After moving to a new city, during another freeze, you run into the person actually controlling the time freezes.

Omega's have a tough life as it is but Eren needs to take the fucking cake!

They and their new group of friends ends up are going to solve whatever messed up stuff is going on. What do you do when your kingdom’s about to go bankrupt?

Crossdress as a princess so you can marry a rich prince, of course.

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