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Currently FIZ works in close cooperation with a limited number of cantons which means that women who are held in slavery or manage to escape elsewhere in Switzerland do not have access to the support and services of an organization like FIZ.FIZ seeks to educate policy makers about the need for more such vital services.Did you know that at least 27 million women and men worldwide are held in slavery, part of them being trafficked?Of trafficking victims, 43% are forced into commercial sexual exploitation, 98% of these are girls and women.The donated bras work as a form of micro-credit empowering self-sufficiency.Second hand clothes are in demand in the target countries and bras in particular are small ‘luxury’ items.As part of the team work, the attendees had been asked to bring along toiletries and feminine hygiene products to donate to FIZ.When women are rescued, they often have nothing more than the clothes they stand in, and having a small ‘care pack’ of their own toiletries, is one small way we can help them with the long and difficult journey to rebuilding their lives.

The break was also an opportunity for the women to shop at the FAWCO boutique selling beautiful items for the ‘Backing Women’ campaign. ‘Free the Girls’ is the current target project for the FAWCO two year fundraising campaign.

The generosity of the ZIWA and AWCZ attendees in donating toiletries was immense.

The large box set out for collection was overflowing in a short time!

In addition, CHF130 in cash was spontaneously donated to FIZ.

Lucia Tozzi expressed her thanks for all these donations and has followed up by letting us know of other items that are needed for their safe shelters for trafficked women.

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