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The emergency room physician is now 45 years old and has accomplished a lot post-Bachelor.

Travis, who was in his residency when he did The Bachelor, finished up his residency at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, before moving on to hosting one of the biggest daytime talk shows to date.

He has been in the news lately for interviewing and advising high profile individuals, such as Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom, but also because of his own personal rumor mill. Travis Stork was The Bachelor on the 8th season of the show.

Stork got the chance to be The Bachelor when a producer of the show spotted him while he was out with his other ER friends and sat down to speak to him.

Travis Lane Stork made his unbelivable announcment…the story is finally out.

Travis Lane Stork became a national sensation when he appeared on The Bachelor as the man every woman was after.

Physical therapy Travis met with Danielle Orland, a physical therapist, in order to help him with the issue he was having with his feet. Another home While his home in Tennessee is his main place of residence, Travis has another apartment in the Hollywood Hills while he is filming The Doctors. When discussing his favorite piece of furniture in his home, Travis discussed how it is hard to find pieces that fit his height. I herniated a disc in my back a couple of years ago, so for me, furniture has become about functionality and comfort.

Exclusive interviews Part of being Travis Stork is being able to interview famous people in regards to their health.

Considering he is a doctor, we would expect no less of him.

He was married to pediatrician Charlotte Brown from until Their marriage did not last, but we are sure this is far from the end for Travis and his romantic escapades.

He has a huge heart, that is characterized by his love for his rescue dog, Nala.

It was during his residency that he was on The Bachelor. His parents, according to Travis, were farmers from the Midwest.

The talk show centers around three doctors who each specialize in a different field — obstetrics, pediatrics, and plastic surgery — and the advice they give to their audience based on the questions they are presented with. The ratings of the show have been steadily growing over the years and as a result, has had the show enjoy continued success. His favorite pass times include kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

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