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Over the past few weeks, I’ve mostly spoken with porn outsiders like TS Madison or A Bearded Boy whose work exists outside the established, mainstream porn studio structure. Before I thought it was embarrassing to say “I don’t drink,” but now I feel proud. Click.” I played that message so many times praying to god it wasn’t what it was. And it was in that relationship that I began doing a lot of G. And that’s a huge part — I will tell you this. I went up, got the dogs, and drove a while and stopped at this gas station, and I thought what the fuck am I doing here, it’s 3AM, I’m tired, where am I gonna go? Until today the image burns in the back of my head of him riding his roommate like fucking Seabiscuit, and I’m like “Are you fucking kidding me? This week, I wanted to change things up and talk to someone in that world, so I reached out to Brazilian Randy Blue exclusive Diego Sans, whose scenes in the Welcome to LA series I’d worn out half a bottle of lube over. Sometimes on Grindr people say, “Would you like to go out for a drink? So you have had a series of terrible relationships? He cheated on me, pocket dialed me on New Year’s while he was in the bathroom in Puerto Vallarta giving a blowjob to a couple from Detroit. The time that I was with him, like I told you, I reflect sometimes, I see pictures, and I see friends of mine that are going to clubs and everything. The Cybersocket guy I walked in on his roommate and him. I’ll just go home, I’ll sleep on the sofa, and in the morning I’ll leave. I’m gone not even for ten minutes.” I said fuck it, it’s 3AM I’m gonna leave right now. I never woke up from this nightmare of drugs and alcohol and parties until the day that my sister decided to move to New York City. So on the weekend before she left, June 24, 2013 we decided to go all out. I’d never had the addiction — as in like, the need to do the drug, I was able to just stop. This good friend of mine took me to a club on Saturday. When they found out I was going to clubs, they didn’t mind. But it’s funny that you asked because my stepmom HAS watched it. I sometimes look at myself and think, oh my god you’re so skinny. That’s one thing that I will never skip at the gym. And I always think, a guy has to have a lower body, otherwise, it’s an upside down triangle. I’m studying to be a physical trainer and I’m in this class and the first day they asked us what is your inspiration in the physical fitness industry? There was recently one who died of a heart attack, and then another one. It was harder for me to come off steroids than drugs. So then I started looking back and I felt embarrassed. We thought, this is our last time in San Francisco together until god knows when. I said this has brought me nothing except debt and sad days, this stupid illusion that I thought was real life. When I got to New York in December, I spoke to a good friend of mine, and he said you know something I’m actually going to AA, would you like to join me? But I thought it was a great thing for me to continue with and I met great people and they helped me certain times with my thoughts. Sunday I found myself going back to the club alone and then the weekend after that and after that. When they found out about the drugs, that’s when shit got real. I just was informed of that the other day with my sister, because I was like asking my sister, “Do you think they’ve seen my videos? I did a Mark Henderson photo shoot for a coffee table book and I showed them my pictures — my dad and my stepmom and they’re interested because they want to be a part of my life. That’s where my rebellious phase began because I thought, I have daddy back at home giving me an allowance, and I don’t have to pay rent here because my mom pays for my studies. What needs improvement and what’s making you happy? Get yourself to somewhere — start eating something, god look at you. It can be Hurricane Sandy outside again, my ass will be at the gym working out my legs and ass. And I said to be honest my inspiration when I started going to the gym was so that at the end of the day I could get in front of the camera and take a beautiful picture. And then in 2009, I began training with my former trainer back in San Francisco, and he got me hooked on dieting and working out, but like working out for like — a goal — for you to feel stronger and eat healthier at the same time. With steroids, people see you and they give you more attention and the more you have, like Spider-Man’s grandfather said, “With more power comes great responsibility.” You’re getting power, and attention, everybody wants to be with you, everybody wants to make out with you, everybody wants to take you home. Because I just don’t like the taste and that’s where peer pressure entered my life because I thought I have to do this drink, I have to do this shot, I have to do this bump, because I have to fit in. He got so drunk, and I was just so pissed, so on the way back home he and his roommate were so drunk and he is screaming at me at the freeway, he’s hitting my head in the car while I’m doing 70 on the 580 and I’m thinking “What the fuck are you doing with this kid? ” So every time I come back the image of my boyfriend comes back.

Looking back, I am amazed by some of my choices back then. So you’ve been in AA, but you decided to drink and smoke pot…?

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Of course, one of the things I’m getting used to as a writer for The Sword is that when I start to talk to industry talent, they quickly bring up any negative coverage they’ve received on our famously opinionated site. ” Before I would be like “Yeah totally, sure.” And then I’d get to the bar and be like “I have to drink.” I love coffee, though, and now I’m very upfront. The biggest part of reflection that comes from this time is the time that I was with him. That’s the night I was arrested for domestic violence. I don’t accept people who go on Grindr and say “I have a boyfriend” I don’t respect people like that.

It happened on the Joe Gage set with some of the models, and so it wasn’t much of a surprise when, as we sat down to talk in a private room on the ground floor of his mom’s fancy Tribeca high-rise, Sans immediately started explaining just what led to his insanely drunk interview with Sister Roma on the red carpet of the Cybersocket Awards in 2011, which is still his most popular post on the site. Nowadays Diego Sans is like what you see is what you get. The time that I was going to circuit parties with him, doing all the other things with him while I was in that certain relationship. Who will tell a person I love you, but go out and have sex with another person.

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  1. Loneliness is a terrible reason to start a relationship, and doing it because your nether regions are quivering is just as bad. Checking if you're lonely is a matter of finding a few friends and spending some time with them.