Who is justin bartha dating and ashley olsen

And now, Ashley Olsen, who had also been in a steady relationship with , Justin had supposedly been close to proposing to Ashley in the past, but something clearly went wayside."It's over," said a friend of the couple, simply. Although given the low-key nature of their relationship, we don't expect a lot of details to emerge about their breakup.

He was an assistant manager in the movie, Analyze This.

Soon after being married with with personal fitness trainer Lia Smith, they welcomed their first child together and it was a sweet little baby girl and they named her Asa Charlotte.

Justin Bartha is known for his role of Doug Billings in the famous comedy movie The Hangover trilogy.

Certainly, if you've just become newly single, you would want to cry on your twin sister/best friend's shoulder.

But did Mary-Kate push a wavering Ashley to end her relationship?

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