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His father was a taxi driver and his mother was a health care worker. “I was going to do history and politics at university and then I thought, ‘Nah, I’ll do this!

’ Sometimes you have to do jobs in different places just to make ends meet.Deciding to act on his dreams, Jimmy puts out an ad for musicians in the area looking to share in his idea.After many unsuccessful auditions, Jimmy is tired out for watching terrible wannabe musicians and decides that he's going to start a band with his friends, whilst he acts as their manager.“Because he’s not a police officer, he’s exploring a different side of himself.My feeling was that his indecision should be reflected in his whole look – the hair, clothes, everything. Everything has to keep moving forward in Endeavour, otherwise it will stagnate.”Details of Morse’s posh student background are also revealed for the first time, via his old Oxford pals.For instance, he’s keen to say he would rather not continue making this popular prequel unless both the cast and the audience “are engaged”. His performance has been widely praised, unlocking a vulnerable side to Morse – through the writing of Russell Lewis – that was barely explored in the original series.While he’s anything but an over-sharer, shunning Facebook and Twitter, Shaun doesn’t hesitate to say he’s delighted with series three of Endeavour, which comprises four feature-length films.“It’s really good,” he says, in ITV’s central London headquarters.He’s living in a wooden shack, outside Oxford, suspended from the force, filling his time darning his own socks and chopping wood, like a man who has never used an axe before.In fact, he behaves like a completely different character.“Well, that’s how it should be,” says Shaun.After stage work, he won TV roles in dramas such as Teachers, Silk and Whitechapel.And recently, he appeared in The Scandalous Lady W, a bold performance which involved him looking through his bedroom keyhole at his wife while she was with other men.

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  1. Somerhalder was one of the first actors to be cast in a role for the series In 2009, Somerhalder appeared in the movie The Tournament where he played the role of an assassin participating in a lethal competition with other assassins.

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