What is your intention dating

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In this way, you get to know more about him without putting him on the spot about his feelings about you, specifically.

Let the conversation flow.)“We have been on a few dates.” Fine, and this means that both of you are still discovering who the other person is.

Trying to pin down his intentions with respect to you this early will come across as trying to progress things faster than might happen naturally.

As for fun -- I'll go out and do something fun ..not the kind of "fun" guys here are looking for. I know quite a few guys like myself who are looking for more than a casual hook up. Just to make it crystal clear to everyone here, the word "fun" does not mean rolling in the hay, jumping in the sack, doing the momba,rubbing sticks or anything else of that nature. If this came as an invitation, the sub-text I’d hear is “this is a long shot, we’re probably not a match, so let’s just say we’re going out for fun.

"..not the kind of "fun" guys here are looking for. Also just because a profile says something does not make it true so just speak for yourself and not everyone else please. And then see if there's a spark.”My intention for being here is to fleece lonely widows.

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