What does xm updating mean

Major update coming out for the radio and navigation software. @rxlawrude, Spotify allows you to stream in an offline mode so you dont need an active cell reception.

I use it everyday on NYC subways where there is not consistent cell phone service and it works perfectly fine. nikhilm_2000: Please forgive rxlawdude his addiction to programming that is specific and exclusive to either XM Satellite Radio or AM Radio.

And when an AM radio is actually present, selecting "HD" would use the digital channel instead of the AM/analog channel.

For XM, Tesla could work with Sirius XM to add XM streaming - which could be used in cars without XM antennas, or because XM streaming has more channels than the satellite, could expand the number of channels even for cars with XM antennas.

I would suggest though, that if someone 'doesn't understand' it does help to explain things to them, instead of assuming that 'they should just... This is where I listen to the majority of my music and can supplement it with Spotify and even XM from my iphone. Adding on aftermarket Sat Radio also requires messing around to use.

The latter are relatively impractical even with freeway driving but may be a great option with long distance travel. Then this thread reminded me of the Sat Radio deficiency. My drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas has crap cell coverage for 3/4s of the route. After years of doing this I don't mind paying XM to get what I want no matter where I am and to get it without need to mess with a single secondary devise. Had three 3s on order and will leave them all on order and see what happens with XM availability.

I will need to mount the magnetic antenna on the roof, but I'm getting the standard interior, not the glass roof, so hopefully that will work.

I might have to glue it on if the Model 3 roof is not ferrous.

I have a separate radio from Sirius/XM in the ICE car that I will be replacing with my Model 3, so I will just transfer the radio.The XM stations that I used to listen to included CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC and NPR. Not interested in dealing with aftermarket add on crap and not interested in streaming a phone. We currently run five Teslas and this order would have been Tesla order 13. Eventually the cars will get passed on other family members but while I have them XM is a must. You would understand when you take a road trip and there is no cellular connectivity.CNN comes through great from Tune-In, MSNBC is spotty and often gives loading errors. Sports play by play can usually be found on Tune-in. It is idiotic to think XM is not needed in vast areas of the country. Nothing else works on long desert runs in the South West. You also will find that streaming Slacker or Tune In is far from 100%.So I think if I were to do it again, if I really wanted XM I'd make sure that whatever the deal for the car was, it included the ability to use in other devices.Or conversely, just do XM streaming on my phone so I could then use it in the car.Using a smartphone is a fallback - but the lack of screen mirroring (Apple Car Play, Android Auto, 3rd party or Tesla) means you have to use the smartphone display for selecting content - which is a safety issue, and could be illegal in many areas. I use it extensively on my hell drive to JFK and in fact have insisted we keep my subscription active even though I don't drive the car much anymore because I "need" it on what often ends up being a 6 hour drive.When we were deciding what options to get on our S, the fact that the only way to get XM in our S was to get the pano with premium upgrades weighed heavily in our decision to go with it.Not changing my decision, but thought XM was a basic standard when ordering premium systems. It’s been an ongoing discussion on that topic here. Of course, without cell signal, you also lose all those *other* streaming services people are so fond of using as examples of why XM isn’t needed... "Not changing my decision, but thought XM was a basic standard when ordering premium systems." You thought this because it is. The comments above about there already being a lot of threads about this simply lends more credence to the complaint. The Tesla streaming radio options don't provide live sports - something we listen to when away from home.It seems that Tesla decided that Bluetooth and streaming content are so ubiquitous that XM wasn’t necessary. i need xm You can stream XM from your phone - but that only works if... There are a lot of threads because it is irritating a lot of people. XM provides a complete slate of live sports - plus national news channels (more than the streaming radio).I disagree, since there are so many places where cell-based streaming simply does not work. maybe something with voice activiation so I can hide the device in the storage area and just use some voice to change channel.. Even without including AM & XM, Tesla could do much more.So the hunt is on for a useful aftermarket XM installation... For AM stations with HD radio, they could still have an AM radio band and populate it with the HD versions of the available AM/HD stations.

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