Wep camda seks sov kad nlar

h trani S-Atinntic cable com'pahle,a asijociated /w-'rth the We.ft-^ ern Uttl following a-' ^«nlooll robbery at Clc6i'o, in which five persons were shot, trict Jk iij Swa-;- Cholera Still Spreads. Coinc in and look, whether yon are ready to I)uy or not. '•Negotlation.s for the a/doption of these rates,',' he said "«r/d a general improvement of the cable service and facilities v Vf-re comnioticcd last June with the Krigli.'! —Within the last 24 hours fourteen new -rases of oho JTa snd six rteathi from the dtsea**', have ijpen reported from the infected dis- Wind Baffle* A vi|t»,or«. J\ wa*-faiiinir;- -^'■«- -3- «& ■ Ajscbic jteawjj^ in his Wright ^l-plaite, wat Je «J try t US a Hl Uide and duration. IMierc's no such Overcoat showinp;- anywhere •else in this citv. .,.■, ti," niiniii his; ili'uression, told ihat...h£--had i,;,,i t.. 11.— -The estab- nounced by the census bureau ais 751,- ishmetit of a permanent headquarters 139, an. Thelfor the Conservatives in- Vancouver In population of Alabarna was given aajj^ ten-story block tol be erected on the 2,13«.09a. 11.— Charjtfd JKlil Lj^otal expenditure close on 0,000. .\ most comprehensive l"i "i the very newest ideas in Scotch ■ 'P w cc d y — arrri — L n g 1 i ;s h W - or ii t c (h- -yr"t Trtl Trftn of" his y. 11,— -Building Inspector jarrett stated this morning that there waa every Indication that t) the little garden outside the gate | ,h„8 bringing the year'.s itliln Rainbow at the in-iil Hall the iire Vl- of the fort. ,11.— -The pop ulation of the state of Florida is an- • v XNCJGly Vl ER, Nov. and tie estimated cost of the building will bring the out- l^Sr WTjiranother 0,000, shaking the Nov. t .'Xmorc exclusive display of fashionable Suits than we show would he difficult to find in B.i C.

-i M the course of antl-Aijierlcan demonstra- tions In this city last night, an Amer- ican flag was mirned amid 'ric; of "Death To the Grinsoes." Comser^iiitive estimates today.

Mc Cuifly wl TT carry a special mail pouch filled w Hh-4«-ttec«-. His take-off is to )je fiom a plank runaway 85 feet lon K ex- tending out «ver the stern of the ship. — 44e^m-&l frss-P©CHJie-S uff Lioj L, Want of Food thorlties are taking measures vent a lynchin K. In sjjito of efforts being made by the lu Uherltles to prevent riisorder, and which prevented further rioting today, a Viplrit of unrest prevails and re- newed violence is feared, Mexico Regret*.

ti,o hia ammnmtion was almost expended, have their source and the after standing at bay again/ an vvaters reach the man stream t s armed party of thirty-five men7ur,dori prw Ucted that the Seine wall ^^'^^ ■ Which fired aboi/t thir- i """ks, scores of villages wi 1 he s^ep fcscapes^ hundred.^ of pi'ople ed were had by.

little garden, about 30 feet by t, and that he watered the veg- . •'The othei'a are there when 1 iiring the stuff to the table." he said: •I. available for commerce, of 16 miles, at least four nd- ditiohal miles of water frontage that fcan be used for purposes of commerce If required, a shore line that by rea- son of the moderate depth of the f.\ ■ It is chai*itable _to supp formerly 'a sup- ■) ir Ver of !

that he had brought nii drlft»ood from the beach and I "need In 111,..! It is not tp be understood tliat all the fi-ontuge t(|^ove nunitloned is at present available for Bea-golng uri'l coasting vessels, but all of it may be available at an outlay, which is not great in comparison with what has been fx- j perided in other.-placea to provlile very much less dockage space, y The approach to the twin iiarlior.s of ijrcal •! are no islands, s(|parated by naiiuw and more or less lojrt UQus- i Jiannels, and the course of ocean-going vessels , Is not used "^i»y niany vessels engairtd in the coasting trade, whereby th' ,of collision during thick wevitli. torla twin harbdrs having a wart or - frontage, now lyf readily .

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  1. A flight from democracy under these circumstances conforms so perfectly to expectations that it eludes specific recognition, appearing merely as an atavism, or confirmation of dire repetition.