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Of the €3,890 donated, more than half has come from sponsored surveys and slightly less than half of that amount from member donations.My brain thanks it, my liver thanks it, my lungs thank it, every damn organ in my body thanks it.Najbrža i najpopularnija vrsta takve prijave je preko Facebooka.Učita automatski Vaše slike i ime, te u roku manje od minute ste spremni za flert.02 December 2008 update to the 2008 funding campaign: We are currently roughly half way to our goal, with a month to go until our annual hosting bill is due.If 300 members were to donate €10, we would breathe easier for another year.

Mods, and Admins give their time freely in an effort to sustain the site and help it thrive.That's probably how much money we have sitting in our change jars.^Make sure the CC u have is not expired and works, just a suggestion.Even if you're broke, or even is not that much.i wish i could afford to make a real dent in it but hopefully someone out there with the means, or just enough people who give 5 or 10, will come around in time!Then again, if it helps the site achieve it's annual donation goal maybe it is worthwhile?If I could ask, how many regularly active members are there posting on this site - ballpark?Is there a way to donate anonymously or some way where all my details won't be recorded?hmmmm If you prefer a more discreet entry on your statement, please use the alternate email address email protected.Siguran je i pouzdan i želite li biti anonimni na ovome servisu, šanse za upoznavanje nekoga su Vam svedene na minimum.Mnogi članovi dođu liječiti svoje frustracije i skrivene seksualne fantazije, a ovakav sajt je idealno mjesto za to.

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