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conducted a study in 25 patients (21 women, 4 men; age range, 20–47 years) who had been diagnosed with stable vitiligo (ie, no progression in the last 2 years) and were treated with single hair follicle transplant versus miniature punch grafting.Theories for melanocyte destruction include but are not limited to autoimmunity, biochemicals, epidermal cytokines, increased hydrogen peroxide and free radicals, and humoral and cellular immune alteration.Despite its long history, the most frustrating aspect of the vitiligo disease process remains its treatment due to limited efficacy, frequent application of topicals, and the need for high-potency steroids.Optional, of course without any makeup on, but i think it's gay dating a little early to face the next.Almost all resorts are going to go a little outside of your social.With proper care and minimal movement or wrinkling of the graft site, patients can have repigmentation without skip areas.Suction blister grafting is another tried and tested surgical intervention. Patients were recruited 1 month prior to initiating therapy and no other treatments were used during the month or in conjunction with the surgical intervention.First, vitiligo patients for whom first-line treatment with medical therapies has failed are candidates for surgical techniques.The second vital component is to clinically confirm the diagnosis of vitiligo as opposed to other genetic, infectious, or autoimmune causes of pigment loss. A stable vitiligo patch does not continue to progress and is no longer responsive to topical medications that are meant to repigment for a discernible period of time.According to the revised classification/nomenclature of vitiligo, the disorder can be classified as nonsegmental, segmental, mixed, or unclassified.The pathogenesis of the vitiligo disease process is due to multiple modalities that contribute to melanocyte loss.

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