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With this, the 2005 Edition of Trainz Railroad Simulator (TRS2006), we have created an open-ended, interactive, living, breathing world that lets you customize the experience to suit your own personal tastes.Whether you want to drive trains, manage the movements of passengers and goods, control industry outputs or create your very own unique railroad route or layouts, TRS2006 is the platform that helps your dreams come true.• New Paint Shed with more flexible interface that is included as part of the installation.• Over 50 rules, more than double the amount included with TRS2004. 4 - Conventions Throughout this manual we use abbreviations and terminology that are explained here.

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• Backdrops: a new object type that is rendered regardless of the view distance settings.

If you have auto play enabled you will be presented with the install shield program that will guide you through the installation process.

If the install shield does not appear try double clicking on your CDROM drive through My Computer or manually browse the contents of the CD and double click on the SETUP.

• Wheeislip and Coupler breakage enhancements made to the physics engine.

• New Animated Turnouts give trackwork a more realistic appearance.

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