Validating number in perl

The bar metacharacter (|) that is located between PAREN and DASH instructs the compiler to match either pattern.

The slashes around the entire pattern tell the compiler where the start and end of the regular expression is located.

Spaces are significant in Perl regular expressions.

Pass the Perl regular expression to PRXPARSE and compile the expression. Using the value with other Perl regular expression functions and CALL routines enables SAS to perform operations with the compiled Perl regular expression.

The concatenation enables you to search for both phone number formats from one regular expression.

The example replaces all occurrences of a less than sign with before the regular expression signifies that this is a substitution regular expression.Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S.Regex has never been included in C/C , until the very recent standards.The following query produces a column with the same character substitution as in the preceding example.From the input table the query reads You can use Perl regular expressions to find and easily extract text from a string.The –1 is a special value that is passed to PRXCHANGE and indicates that all possible replacements should be made.The ability to pass a regular expression to PRXCHANGE and return a result enables calling PRXCHANGE from a PROC SQL query.If a space precedes the question mark metacharacter (as it does in this case), the pattern matches either zero spaces or one space in this position in the phone number.Build a Perl regular expression that concatenates the regular expressions for (XXX)XXX-XXXX and XXX—XXX—XXXX.For example, you can examine a string to determine whether it contains a correctly formatted telephone number. putlog "NOTE: Invalid business phone number for " first last business; datalines; Jerome Johnson (919)319-1677 (919)846-2198 Romeo Montague 800-899-2164 360-973-6201 Imani Rashid (508)852-2146 (508)366-9821 Palinor Kent . Spaces are significant in Perl regular expressions.They match a space in the text that you are searching.

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