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Despite the accepted health benefits of consuming dietary fiber, little is known about the mechanisms by which fiber deprivation impacts the gut microbiota and alters disease risk.

Using a gnotobiotic mouse model, in which animals were colonized with a synthetic human gut microbiota composed of fully sequenced commensal bacteria, we elucidated the functional interactions between dietary fiber, the gut microbiota, and the colonic mucus barrier, which serves as a primary defense against enteric pathogens.

We show that during chronic or intermittent dietary fiber deficiency, the gut microbiota resorts to host-secreted mucus glycoproteins as a nutrient source, leading to erosion of the colonic mucus barrier.

A long non-coding SINEUP RNA boosts semi-stable production of fully human monoclonal antibodies in HEK293E cells. report the results of their study of SINEUP technology applied to semi-stable production of monoclonal antibodies in HEK293E cells.

SINEUP RNAs are long non-coding transcripts, possessing the ability to enhance translation of selected m RNAs.

Additionally, it has been suggested that the kdp DE operon itself is subjected to autoregulation by its gene products Kdp D and Kdp E.

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The expression of additional chains degraded properties of the antibodies, including specificity, binding signal and/or signal-to-noise ratio, as determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunohistochemistry.Their findings, reflecting the current state of hybridomas used in research, reiterate the importance of using sequence-defined recombinant antibodies for research or diagnostic use.Evaluation of analytical similarity between trastuzumab biosimilar CT-P6 and reference product using statistical analyses. evaluated analytical similarity of CT-P6, a biosimilar product of trastuzumab, with the reference products (EU-Herceptin® or US-Herceptin®) following risk-based statistical approaches recommended in a recent US Food and Drug Administration guideline for the risk-based statistical approaches recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration.Analytical and functional similarity of Amgen biosimilar ABP 215 to bevacizumab. report the results of their analytical similarity assessment, which was designed to assess the structural and functional similarity of ABP 215 and bevacizumab sourced from both the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).Similarity assessment was also made between the US- and EU-sourced bevacizumab to assess the similarity between the two products.Their findings showed that, for a cytotoxic ADC with non-linear PK and limited preclinical PK data, incorporating RO in the PK model and using data from the corresponding unconjugated antibody at higher doses allowed the identification of parameters to characterize monkey PK and enabled human PK predictions.Linear pharmacokinetic parameters for monoclonal antibodies are similar within a species and across different pharmacological targets: A comparison between human, cynomolgus monkey and h Fc Rn Tg32 transgenic mouse using a population-modeling approach. used population-pharmacokinetic (pop PK) modeling to determine a single set of ‘typical’ pop PK parameters describing the linear PK of m Abs in human, cynomolgus monkey and transgenic mice expressing the human neonatal Fc receptor (h Fc Rn Tg32), using a rich dataset of 27 m Abs.All the articles are open access; PDFs can be downloaded by following the links below.Issue 10.5 (July 2018) The “less-is-more” in therapeutic antibodies: Afucosylated anti-cancer antibodies with enhanced antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. discuss the relevance of antibody core fucosylation to antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, and different strategies to produce afucosylated antibodies, and provide an update of afucosylated antibody drugs currently undergoing clinical trials, as well as those that have been approved.These strategies offer alternative options to the use of cynomolgus monkeys for human PK predictions of linear m Abs, based on in silico methods (typical human pop PK parameters) or using a rodent species (Tg32 mouse), and call into question the value of completing extensive in vivo preclinical PK to inform linear m Ab PK.Issue 10.4 (May/June 2018) When monoclonal antibodies are not monospecific: Hybridomas frequently express additional functional variable regions. discuss results of their study, which analyzed 185 random hybridomas, in a large multicenter dataset, to determine the genetic diversity in antibody heavy chain and light chain genes found within individual hybridomas.

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