Validating cluster resource sql server inurl draft guidelines for mandating the use of ipsec

Here we are again, delving further into Windows Failover Clusters.This series has been following the construction of a Windows cluster and in this installment we’re going to layer SQL Server onto the Failover Cluster that we built in Part 3.The first two parts of the series covered Using i SCSI to Connect to Shared Storage (Part 1) and Configuring Shared Disk in the OS (Part 2).So without further ado, let’s create a basic SQL Server Cluster.I used a workstation in the lab I’ve been building throughout this series.Connect to the cluster using the SQL cluster alias.This will ensure that the latest updates to SQL Server are installed and your cluster will be up to date right from the start. At the Instance Configuration screen enter a SQL Server network name.This will be used in identifying the SQL cluster on the network.

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Setup is detecting this information from the Windows Failover Cluster that the node is a part of. You will also see that at the Cluster Network Configuration screen the IP information is automatically detected as well, for the same reason as mentioned for the previous screen. Allow the Add Node Rules screen to complete its checks and click OK when they have completed.NOTE: There are some warnings displayed in the screenshot shown.Warnings will not prevent SQL Server from installing and the ones shown occurred because I did not configure my lab optimally.There will be warnings if you need to skip any validation tests as I did, but those warnings will not prevent installation of the SQL cluster as failures will.At the Product Updates screen select the Include SQL Server product updates checkbox.Here we see that Disk 1 is qualified, and Disk 2 is not.Disk 2 is not qualified because it is reserved as the Quorum disk. In the Cluster Network Configuration screen select the IP type you want to use for cluster communications.Allow the Setup Suport Rules screen to complete and click OK when the checks have completed.If there are any errors click the Show Details button, correct any errors, and click the Re-run button before clicking OK to continue.the instance root directory will remain on local storage.We are not yet at the place in the install where we tell SQL where the shared storage is. At the Cluster Resource Group screen click Next to continue.

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