Updating xp corporate stripped

On screen, this second window will display alongside the navigator window.After considering all the pros and cons of these methods, it is then up to the project manager to balance the impact of you having to learn / work with javahelp and any developer issues with the help format. In Robo Help go the Help menu, click Contents and Index.For example, under Windows with XP Service Pack 2 applied, webhelp cannot easily be run if installed on the users hard disk. The best way it was described to me was that a Java application "can get under the covers" and it's down to the developer what can be done.Using a CHM file is an exception to the "rules" the developer can get around as a CHM file is reliant on files that will only be on a Windows operating system.Because the border is defined in the style sheet, it will affect all tables so I created a class to give more than one type of border.

There seems to be a misconception that for Java apps you have to have Java help.

The right pointing arrow has been set up to work like a Lotus Notes twisty.

When you click on it, the arrow will point down and show the topics available.

Let's get this clarified first as it does cause some confusion for people new to this area.

This topic is about the help for an application written in Java.

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