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VLC media player can display the playing video as the desktop wallpaper, like Windows Dream Scene, by using Direct X, only available on Windows operating systems.VLC media player can record the desktop and save the stream as a file, allowing the user to create screencasts.The default distribution of VLC includes a large number of free decoding and encoding libraries, avoiding the need for finding/calibrating proprietary plugins.The libavcodec library from the FFmpeg project provides many of VLC's codecs, but the player mainly uses its own muxers and demuxers. It also gained distinction as the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux and mac OS by using the libdvdcss DVD decryption library.In VLC, almost everything is a module, like interfaces, video and audio outputs, controls, scalers, codecs, and audio/video filters.The default GUI is based on Be API on Be OS, Cocoa for mac OS, and Qt 4 for Linux and Windows, but all give a similar standard interface.On Microsoft Windows, VLC also supports the Direct Media Object (DMO) framework and can thus make use of some third-party DLLs (Dynamic-link library).

VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a free and open-source, portable, cross-platform media player and streaming media server developed by the Video LAN project.

It can play some, even if they're damaged, incomplete, or unfinished, such as files that are still downloading via a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. TS) files while they are still being digitized from an HDV camera via a Fire Wire cable, making it possible to monitor the video as it is being played.

The player can also use libcdio to access files so that users can play files on a disk image, even if the user's operating system cannot work directly with images.

Alternatively, VLC has modules for codecs that are not based on FFmpeg's libraries.

VLC is one of the free software DVD players that ignores DVD region coding on RPC-1 firmware drives, making it a region-free player.

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