Updating msds sheets

Did you also know that in addition to maintaining a current MSDS, you must have a comprehensive written chemical inventory and written Hazard Communication program?

Compliance Alliance is here to allow you and your staff to do what you do best.

You can find MSDS using Google, but you can save a lot time by starting here: Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets on the Internet In addition to inks to sites where you can find free MSDSs this website provides a glossary, FAQ, regulatory information and more information about MSDS.

Material Safety Data Sheets are produced by companies that manufacture hazardous substances.

Last month we told you that OSHA has made changes to its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), .1200, requiring a switch to new straightforward Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and visually driven labels with hazard icons.

Now it’s time for us to show you the new format so you can prepare your workplace (or worksite) for compliance.

AMI will work to establish and maintain a safe work environment, including surveying your facility for risks; provide testing within your facility; maintain testing protocol; and assist in the recording process.

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