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and obviously for the cases where CHTR changes to CHT2 and the SHA1 changes as a result the source should be updated with the correct SHA1s (should probably have been done, with appropriate BAD_DUMP tags before u1 to avoid confusion) the GD-ROMs are going to need some investigation as to why they've changed (that accounts for most of the list) Luckily they're easy to spot because they all had gd* names :-) the LD issue *definitely* needs looking at if the metadata is changing, especially if different people are getting different results as indicated here. I'd be interested in knowing if it does because the hunk size /4 is greater than 65535 which is the flac block limit..and flac will refuse to encode if you go over it, hence why I added the saftey checks for it when encoding CD / HDD FLAC ( ) (having multiple flac blocks in a hunk isn't a problem, the codec handles it transparently) but maybe the AV codec never has a hunk of entirely FLAC/ there is also a lower limit of 16 samples (64 bytes) (feeding it less data isn't a problem either, it will just be a bit wasteful) all depends how the FLAC stuff gets encoded in LDs tho, and might not be the issue at all. if it doesn't pass -verify it's more than a metadata problem then. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two things here, but those are the main changes. A new category filter Board Game was added to Arcade Miscellaneous Filters. There are 6-slot, 4-slot, 2-slot and 1-slot machines to choose from. There are plenty more commented/unused code to be removed. Plus, code tweaks for consistency and speeds improvements. Having these ROMs in game sets would require to unzip game sets as well.... Unique device/bios ROMs can still be in game sets though. Further improvements to my for those like me with 4K (3840x2160) and 2K (2560x1440) screen resolutions. There's also new 30x24 arcade filters small icons for the small tool bar. I found horrenduous amounts of components painting weirdness that only show up if you use the dark theme. Most changes were done internally, not apparent to the end-user. When running multiple arcade games you can now select between different multi-slot machines. You can change carts order and now the Neo-Geo machine. Emu Loader is going thru another major house-cleaning season. The entire set must be unzipped to generate SHA-1 checksums.**** this is not a complaint as I always back everything up.I'm just trying to help sharing information *** I just finished converting a complete set of 0.145u1 CHDs and scanning with CMP 4.03a with chdman properly set to V5 and path to it properly set. chdman 0.145u1 CRC32: F4D4CFDB MD5: 9499D54BAF3F88385C86D773C65BE5B7 SHA-1: 6064A4875AB7E04D590246B42782BD6D0D27198A Hp XV It is correct behavior for CHTR type CHD-CDs to change SHA1s on conversion because the metadata is updated to CHT2.

Sounds like the CHD files it makes are basically just invalid.Not to worry, I will write a small app to update games lists, favorites profiles and played games files. All systems will be updated with this app except MAME, MAME software list games, HBMAME. We will be performing planned e-commerce maintenance on Friday, July 20, 2018 at p.m. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Functions like purchasing print books will be unavailable.I have no idea what's going on with the GD-ROMs yet; none of this stuff should affect those. I didn't add jojoba so I can't speak for that, but it likely is as well.To clarify, if "chdman info" shows this: Metadata: Tag='CHTR' Index=0 Length=45 bytes then it's a bad dump. Quite a few internal changes were made in favor of the night mode. Many drawing bugs were fixed in this build while implementing the night mode.This is the reason why I've been crossing paths with some jurassic bugs that I didn't know were there. If found, the cartridge type will no longer be added to the command line. Other than a rewritten audit system, other bugs were fixed and there was a lot of old code cleaning.Disable this new checkbox to copy/move files directly to the destination folder without adding the extra system sub-folder. I know I've said this many, many, many times before but, Emu Loader is better than ever! Yes, I removed support for the older builds because the frontend could never handle their CDs/HDDs properly. Starting from version 8.4 there will be some serious core changes related to the game media type indexation. This new tag is only for looks, as they will not have unique icons. One cool change is the new mega buttons are no more, replaced by this new mega filter! There was a major bug detecting Demul CHD files as regular ROMs, making it impossible to validate games. You coudn't validate Zi Nc games in previous frontend builds... Due to all the changes you have to create games lists for the following systems again: MAME and MAME software lists, HBMAME, Demul, Zi Nc. These CHD region tag changes are purely cosmetic and do not affect the way Emu Loader validate games files. I've been planning this since I added support for MAME software lists. Either way, it will be nice to know if a disc is CD or DVD or Laser Disc... If there are missing medias or you have suggestions on this rewrite, please let me know. Emu Con Frontend (and games) must also be updated, so both frontends can have interchangeable files. Many dialogs and screens now require a minimum of 1024x768 or 1280x720 resolution. Remember that Emu Loader is a Windows application to be used with a high resolution monitor.

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