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In its release notes, Apple also warns users against using "non-genuine replacement displays." According to Apple, these third-party parts are to blame for the difficulties experienced by i Phone 8 users.

Apple released i OS 11.3.1 on Tuesday, which claims to fix unresponsive touchscreen behavior experienced by i Phone 8 units.

or just a way to keep Apple from throttling your old i Phone, damn it, there's something in this update to pique your curiosity. doesn't bring Air Play 2 or stereo speaker pairing, sadly, but watch OS 4.3 will let you control the Home Pod (and your i Phone media) from an Apple Watch now.

We'll find out over the next few days and weeks, but for now let's look at the big stuff. PT: Apple has also pushed minor updates for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Home Pod as well.

With IKEA's ARKit app, for instance, you could see how a new sofa might look like on the floor of your living room, but you couldn't mount a virtual cabinet to your real walls.

But i OS 11.3 comes with ARKit 1.5, which recognizes vertical surfaces and "irregularly shaped surfaces like circular tables," too, according to Apple.

That should let AR developers build a variety of new things, and could potentially improve the accuracy of augmented reality ruler apps as well.

Speaking of accuracy, ARKit 1.5 through-the-camera view is now higher resolution and supports your camera's built-in autofocus as well.

After issuing a final developer beta of i OS 11.2 to developers last night, Apple decided to take the highly unusual step of issuing i OS 11.2 to all i Phone owners to fix the crashing issues today.

That seemed to be an embarrassing end to the problems, but late last night reports emerged that Apple’s rushed software patch could be just as buggy as the code it was supposed to fix.

’s Andy Greenberg reports that multiple Mac users who had not yet upgraded their operating system from the original version of High Sierra to the new 10.13.1 update, but installed Apple’s patch, are seeing the root problem reoccur after they install the latest mac OS system update.

The nightmare started on Tuesday, after a Twitter user disclosed a critical security vulnerability for mac OS High Sierra that allowed anyone with physical access to a Mac to gain system administrator privileges without even entering a password.

As software bugs go, this one was embarrassing and critical, but Apple managed to fix it less than 24 hours after it was publicly disclosed.

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