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Hit on the “Download” button and since the software has detected your device earlier, it will download the suitable firmware on its own.

Lastly, hit the “Start to Fix” button and wait for the completion of the process.

Sometimes, the i Tunes error 4013 occurs due to a defective port or cable.

Therefore, using only Apple USB cable is highly recommended.

Connect it again then and try updating to new i OS again. Here is another fix which can help you removing the error message without affecting any data if the above tips don't work.Therefore, following is the process of solving the issue.The next thing you can do to check Wi-Fi network is to restart Wi-Fi router.Also, try using a different USB port in your computer. If you haven’t updated your i Tunes since long, the time has come to perform it.The last thing you can try is to plug your device into some another computer. Corrupted or outdated i Tunes can be responsible for i Tunes error 4013. Another thing you can try to fix i Tunes error 4013 is to force restart your device.In this article, we are going to cover a strange error that comes while updating to i OS 11.3 with i Tunes.In other words, we are going to show you how to fix i Tunes error 4013. Before jumping to any conclusion, just examine your USB cable and port first.The last resort for fixing i Tunes error 4013 that left is Apple Store.Since any of the fix didn’t support you, so the problem is to another level i.e. Contact Apple Store and hand over your device to the Apple expert.Full-screen without home button, OLED display screen, wireless charging, A11 processor, Face ID, etc.all these wonderful features attract us to upgrade to the new i Phone X.

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