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Not only does EOS Utility allow you to easily manage the camera, it also downloads each picture from the camera to the PC immediately after it’s taken.

That’s really handy for seeing the results and making adjustments on the fly (especially when you consider that the EOS 350D doesn’t have “live preview” mode on the LCD screen).

However, when the camera was in that mode and connected to the netbook, Windows 10 tried but failed to install drivers for it.

So, I tried installing the EOS USB WIA driver that I downloaded, and son of a gun–it worked! No such luck on my desktop PC running Windows 10 64-bit.

I tried compatibility mode and a few other things but could not get the EOS USB WIA driver to even install on the 64-bit machine.

Since I was planning to use the netbook for camera control anyway, it was no big deal.

It turns out that the 350D has two communications modes, selectable from its menu: Print/PTP and PC Connection.

So, despite using a 10-year-old camera and some older software, I was able to successfully connect the camera to my Windows 10 netbook and control it for astrophotography.

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From that list I ended up downloading Then I switched to the “Brochures and Manuals” portion of the support page and downloaded the manuals for each of these (except Photo Stitch, for which no manual was listed), and for the camera itself.

Then I noticed there were manuals for something called “EOS Utility,” which wasn’t listed on the software and drivers page.

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