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v Center Server 5.0 includes Management Information Base (MIB) files related to v Center Server.You can download MIB files related to ESXi from the VMware Web site at To view release notes for earlier releases of v Center Server 5.0, click the following links: With v Sphere 5.0, you can configure the VMware v Sphere Client™ to provide the interface text in English even when the machine on which it is running is not English.You can set this configuration for the duration of a single session by running a command-line switch.The Inventory Service database does not have a scheduled backup.You should back up the Inventory Service database as part of your regular v Center Server database administration.The Windows v Sphere Client 5.0 Update 3e installer will report an error when performing an upgrade of an existing installation on non-English systems.Uninstall the existing v Sphere Client 5.0 before installing v Sphere Client 5.0 Update 3e.

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v Center Server 5.0 supports installation on Windows 64-bit platforms only.

VMware continues to provide technical support for these features and platforms through the end of their support lifecycles.

, perform a full storage migration to a datastore that is currently not used by the virtual machine.

v Center Server 5.0 Update 3e | 6 January 2016 | Build 3073236 v Center Server 5.0 Update 3e Installation Package | 6 January 2016 | Build 3073234 v Center Server Appliance 5.0 Update 3e | 6 January 2016 | Build 3073237 Last updated: 29 March 2016 v CSA Authentication for Active Directory: VMware v Center Server Virtual Appliance (v CSA) is modified to only support AES256-CTS/AES128-CTS/RC4-HMAC encryption for Kerberos authentication between v CSA and Active Directory.

Features and known issues of v Center Server 5.0 are described in the release notes for each release.

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