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Sage TV Media Center typically records in standard MPEG2, making it possible to transfer recordings to laptops or other devices.It also has a built-in conversion feature to transcode files into other formats compatible with i Pod, PSP, cell phones and other portable devices.

After the acquisition of Sage TV, LLC by Google, they began modifying and updating it to work with Google's upcoming Google Fiber TV service.The Sage TV Media Extender set-top allows other TVs to connect to Sage TV over a home network.There is also the ability to use the Hauppauge Media MVP with Sage TV by purchasing a Media MVP Client License.If you are a freak about having your devices up to date then you can use this script that downloads the latest version of Oscam for your box and installs it.The script supports 3 platforms : powerpc-tuxbox, mips-tuxbox and mips-wrt45g.Sage TV Placeshifter allows the user to watch TV from any high speed internet connection, similar to the Slingbox.As of Version 6, the Sage TV Placeshifter is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms.Usually they are present in /usr/script or /var/script.Download this script and upload it to the “/usr/script” or “/var/script” folder on dreambox and set the permissions to 755.The Sage TV software has an integrated Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) that is updated via the Internet.The program provides a television interface for DVR, music, and photos on Windows and Linux.

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