Updating calendar entries in lotus notes

Link Point Connect offers users the flexibility to control when and how their calendar items are synchronized between Lotus Notes and Salesforce with a Manual Sync feature.

In this section, you will learn how to use Manual Sync to synchronize calendar items both to and from Lotus Notes and Salesforce.

The meeting organizer is also not informed of these additional participants.

Should the meeting organizer make modifications to the meeting invite, these additional participants would not be informed. This does not take care of the case when you would like to attend the meeting as well.

In the Lotus Notes Calendar entry, have an additional button for "Suggest More Invitees".

When the button is clicked, the user would be asked to add more invitees to the "to" and "cc" lists, in a similar way that a meeting organizer would go through. Meeting invite would be sent to the additional participants. A "meeting update notice" would be sent to the meeting organizer, and that allows him to update his own invitee "to" and "cc" lists.

When you receive a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite (as a participant), there are many occasions when you would like to have more people in your team attend the meeting with you.

It would also make Lotus Notes much more usable and live up to its name of a "collaboration platform".

There is currently no easy way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite that is not initiated by you.

You can do one of the following, but they all have downsides: * Email the meeting organizer.

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Tip: Link Point Connect will only sync one-to-one between an IBM Notes Calendar and Salesforce.

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