Undertaker is dating dating tecniques

Something Taker related is happening at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans and whatever happens The Deadman will likely be in good shape for it.

The most distracting thing about getting a blow job at a funeral home wasn't the fact that there were three fresh bodies downstairs in the cooler, or one body 20 feet away from me in a mahogany casket across the room. One does not want to encounter customized car doors on a blind first date with an undertaker. Who regularly tied string tight around the end of a dead man's penis so that fluids didn't leak out and stain the tuxedo pants.

After the match, Nakamura went to present Styles with the championship and then turned on him, hitting him with a low blow and kicking him out of the ring.

WINNER: AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship This match was not as good as the matches Styles and Nakamura had for New Japan Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, but I think that was done on purpose.

I was smoking a Marlboro Light, he was smoking a menthol. In some ways, it was comforting to date an undertaker.

I reached for a tissue and didn't have to reach far -- there were boxes of tissues everywhere. "Can you imagine what the Kennedy family would do if they knew what was going on in this room now? They'd probably want to join in." I liked the undertaker, but it wasn't love. He had this whole mortality thing out of his system.

It was a good tie-in, with the announcers talking about how "people in New Orleans are used to seeing streaks end," hinting at Lesnar beating Undertaker four years ago.

It was also nice to see that they didn't have Carmella cash-in her Money in the Bank tonight.

He chuckled and took a deep drag from his cigarette. So it wasn't like I actively went out looking for an undertaker. One of them made me laugh and spit café mocha on my keyboard. I knew that he was an Italian who lived in the Bronx and this had made me worry about gray suits with white socks, chest hair and pinkie rings. "I won't meet you unless you tell me what you do," I joked. "I'm an undertaker." Well, at least he had a morbid sense of humor. He didn't taunt death by driving sports cars around sharp corners with his eyes closed.

The last word we got, which was on 4/3, is that from Vince Mc Mahon’s standpoint, the belief is that the audience knows he’s going to show up and this is the “story” that brings him back to “kick Cena’s ass.” ”They are also of the belief announcing Taker in advance won’t compel anyone to purchase the network, as anyone inclined is getting the network for the show anyway.

This is Vince Mc Mahon’s story and he seems very happy with it.

I'm fine with that if you have the right act, but the Bludgeon Brothers don't feel like the right act.

WINNERS: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle As expected, Rousey tapped out Stephanie with an armbar. Rousey was on point the entire time, and shined in her WWE debut.

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