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Seven measles deaths have occurred in Europe so far this year as the disease continues to circulate in under-vaccinated populations.

It provides a unique networking opportunity, In 2019, the conference will take place for the first time in Florence, Italy.Christopher Voigt, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT, who talked about “Programming Living Cells: Design Automation to Map Circuits to DNA”.On the same day, the Executive Track offered a series of business panels with executive speakers from companies leading the design and automation industry, discussing hot topics.In contrast, the United States has reported 34 cases of measles since the beginning of 2018 and no deaths. Because measles is a highly infectious, easily transmitted virus, vaccination rates need to be very high to stop transmission and end the circulation of measles virus in an area. The 2018 deaths have all been reported from these 4 countries – Romania (3), Italy (2), Greece (1) and France (1).A total of 2,569 measles cases were reported in Europe in the first two months of 2018. The Ph D forum is hosted by the European Design Automation Association (EDAA), the ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA), and the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA).The forum is a great opportunity for Ph D students who have completed their Ph D thesis within the last 12 months or who are close to complete their thesis to present their work to a broad audience in the system design and design automation community from both industry and academia.Out of a total of 766 paper submissions received, 39% came from authors in Europe, 26% of submissions were from America, 34% from Asia, and 1% from the rest of the world.This distribution clearly demonstrates DATE’s international character, global reach, and impact.

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