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I literally laughed out loud when I saw this question. A bunch of nerds who stay inside all day, unable to socialize or create relationships? But with Berkeley being the largest-populated university of the UC system, it's pretty unlikely that everybody would be like that.

I like to think that with Berkeley, there's always a little bit of everything.

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“I think your social experience can be enriched and broadened if there are other ways to expand your social sphere.” But UC Berkeley isn’t the first school Single Sphere has targeted.

I didn't know your name, but somehow we still made it back to your house, where i proceeded to [tickle] you over your child's crib, repeatedly. At 6 AM, like any good mother, you drove me home in time for school, telling me on the way that you are 27 and have a 2 year old child.

I must know your name, mystery [mother I would like to get to know better].

It's been said on the cleanliness of dorms: "Turn on a blacklight in here and this place will look like a Jackson Pollack painting." In my experience, I saw a lack of real relationships freshman year.

Everyone's just come to college, probably let go a high school relationship, and ready to let go without any parental guidance (aka hookups, not steady relationships).

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