Tv dating dublin

In 1987, he earned notoriety and the moniker "Lambo" after an unpleasant incident in Connemara.

Gerry and Morah announced their separation in March 2008.

Each morning he would begin by discussing the headlines of that morning's newspapers.

Following the news update at , Ryan would introduce that morning's Nob Nation, a satirical slot which featured impersonations of politicians and RTÉ media personnel comparable to rival station Today FM's Gift Grub.

In 1997, Ryan's wife Morah, from whom he later separated, telephoned her husband's show and, under the name Norah, told half a million listeners that her husband dumps his underpants on the floor before hopping into bed every night, doesn't put his clothes on hangers, had not cleaned the dog's mess from the back yard for weeks and never puts the rubbish out for the dustbin men.

When she was done she asked her husband: "You would do that now, wouldn't you Gerry?

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