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Marty went to a music store and tried to buy one, but was told by the shop attendant that all of the stock was sold to ELB Enterprises. Brown's garage to ask for one, but the attendant warned him that Dr. After getting an electrical shock after using the keypad on the electrified gate around the garage, a recording stated that he was not "one to foresee" that happening.

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Doc told him that it was perfect for weeding, but since it used a lot of power, the user had to wear the battery.

However, he agreed when Needles goaded him by calling him "chicken".

Needles then took Marty's guitar and told him he'd give it back when he got him a new tube. Brown set a series of traps which Marty had to overcome to gain entrance to the garage.

Marty put the battery on the floor and asks Doc what he was doing with the wire.

Doc told him that he was disentangling it, which he found relaxing.

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