Traditional dating rules

Fellas, it’s time to man up and actually use the word “date.” Make your intentions clear from the beginning.

If you like a girl, tell her that you like her and want to go on a date.

To help you decide which traditional practices to use and which to abandon, here’s a brief breakdown of how some of those techniques apply today.

Paying for the Date Years ago men were expected to pay for everything.

Here’s the simple answer: If you invite a girl on a date then it’s up to you to take care of her. She may offer to split it, but taking her up on that offer could be dangerous. Because splitting the tab can change the dynamic between you.

Suddenly instead of being two people on a date you feel like two friends hanging out.

If a girl isn’t interested in a second date, she should let the guy know. Above all, treat your date with kindness and respect, and be honest about how you feel.

There is no better way to make your date’s parents question your integrity than by breaking their rules9.

”Perhaps, it’s time to re-teach dating etiquette in the hopes that a few young guys and girls can reject the ambiguity of current dating trends in favor of a straightforward and respectful approach – one that takes place in real life and not just on the Internet.1. She’d give them a short dating etiquette lesson that ended with her abruptly hanging up the phone.

(Of course, this was back when girls had to actually call the “house phone” – a word I have had to teach my sons).

Social media and cell phones have killed traditional dating and the etiquette that went with it.

What was once a black and white process has somehow seeped into the gray– where guys and girls text or message back and forth on social media for weeks on end before the guy finally gets up the courage to text the girl he likes to ask her if she will go out with him.

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