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The Lady of the Manners’ daily wardrobe includes a hoopskirt and top hat, so she’s not going to tell you that you CAN’T wear such things, just make sure that the outfit isn’t wearing you, as opposed to you wearing it.

Scamper back next month, and send questions and adoring letters to [email protected] this is your whole reason for joining the Goth subculture, perhaps you should re-think things.Also, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone younger than yourself, if all of your romances are with younger people, be prepared for gossip and possibly unkind comments.I had not known what they were, until my visit made their concept clear.Even though I was not an integral part of them, I could see what they were all about....Thankfully, this batch doesn’t ask the Lady of the Manners to validate their gothness, or complain that whatever online test they took doesn’t think they’re Goth. The most recent letter that flew into the Gothic Charm School inbox was from someone who was an ancient 29 years old. Good heavens, the Gothic subculture itself is almost 30 years old, and that’s just the current incarnation of it, never mind the literary or architectural roots.No, what is troubling these poor readers is very simple: they think they’re too old to start calling themselves Goth. 29, and afraid that she was too old to start exploring the Gothic subculture. So why do people think there’s a “use-by” date on being a Goth?[tags: Subculture of Greeks] - Introduction In our society today, everyone is categorized by the way they express themselves, whether it’s the way they dress or the music they listen to.There are many of these groups more commonly known as subcultures that represent people with shared interests and values.They know the difference between something cool and something that is strictly a marketing gimmick aimed at weird people in black.Plus, most people are loath to tell someone who isn’t a teen-ager that their interests and hobbies are “just a phase”, and that they’ll grow out of it.

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