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My compliments on the design, and my thanks for providing a great tool. Added two pumice blocks for additional weight half the driveway was compacted while the other half was somewhat loose, this additional weight made a big difference on the compacted surface.The wired remote is sure nice because I had to change elevations many times digging to deep or not deep enough.Our PRO models offer the convenience of cabled remote control that lets you adjust your grading depth from your tow vehicle while you drive.12 carbide-tipped grading teeth loosen hard-packed dirt and gravel to remove bumps and washboard, and fill in potholes.The rear leveling blade then spreads the loosened material evenly.I used the grader 3 times in my drive way and on the side of the road.Each time it work very good, The drive way is rocks and the road Is dirt. My lawn mower only has 16-hp but it pulls it with no problem. Could use larger wheels to bring it up higher off the ground when turning around or putting the grader up and would also be better when using with a atv.After about 6 passes we now have a nice smooth ride in and out.

I am a former row crop farmer , used to big , heavy equipment for moving dirt and gravel , but I was amazed how quickly a 48 Power Grader smoothed out our ridiculously rutted one mile clay-gravel drive here in the Mississippi Delta.

Miraculously this machine performed exactly as advertised! The grader work better than I expected, I was able to fill in some big pot holes left over from this winter.

You need the cinder blocks on the grader to help with the rough areas. Bought it for my driveway which washes ruts everytime we get a hard rain.

Thanks DRI have purchased many products from many other manufacturers only to be disappointed.

This grader has enabled me to recover a neglected camp road and to level and slope an acre of freshly deforested land in just two days of work.

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