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That’s how I started doing inner work myself: trying to cope with anxiety in my career as a professional oboist.

I wanted to move up in the orchestra world, but no matter what I tried—Alexander Technique, therapy, self-hypnosis, visualization—I’d get so nervous in auditions, I could barely breathe. When I committed to the regular practice of exercise, yoga, and Zen meditation, I began to see some improvement in the anxiety.

The steps are so practical, it’s the “how to” manual that for me brings about the healing I’ve wanted for years, in more fully loving myself. I have always loved IB but could not “get it” when I became involved years ago.

Being with like-minded people for two days was very helpful in inspiring me to connect to my own guidance. Her calm and centered presence enabled me to do the work I wanted to do." Toronto Workshop, April, 2000"I came in so heavy with emotional pain and am leaving feeling so light.

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I experienced some breakthroughs that were very helpful in continuing on the journey to "Self Love".

I learned how to ask my Inner child what she needs, know that my Wounded child tells lies and to come from the Loving Adult when making decisions.' Weekend Workshop - Kripalu - Lenox, MA 9.14 "Thank you so much for this exceptional course. It’s like I finally have a way to really get through to myself.

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