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— The Singapore summit — North Koreans locked in the basement — Return of the Gang of Eight — If there is hope … — Signoff: The banner of the right Intro — From the congressional basement — The Four Pillars of Wisdom — The Senate, the President, and the National Question — Miscellany: The reconfiguring of Europe's politics; Gaia is angry; Harvard's graduating class: a profile; A comprehensive discrimination story — Signoff: Personifying the landscape Intro — The Mulatto Mafia strikes Roseanne — That's not funny! and Dispatched (Life, death, and longevity) — Miscellany: Negrolatry's next advance?

— Coo coo ca-choo Tommy Robinson — Old Catholic Europe: a trifecta — Miscellany: Courtroom exhi-bits; Meghan gets a coat of arms; Rev'm Al opines on the royal wedding — Signoff: Bydd mwy o Radio Derb yr wythnos nesaf Intro — Electoral gold: the anti-anti-white vote — A transatlantic Camp of the Saints? ; New mayor for Sheffield (right next to Rotherham); Statue wars: Harry Truman's turn; Jersey City Intro — Slipping backwards on immigration — Feminist hero slaps women around — Time to get out of Northeast Asia — Firing up the Revolutionary Guard — Miscellany: Is there any alternative to deterrence?

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I sometimes indulge myself in flights of fancy, attempt satire, or fall back on odd sound or music clips.— Europe's populist bloc: from sea to shining sea — My big black royal wedding — Miscellany: Another school shooting; The Coalition of Victims eats its own; Religion crumbles; A pesky (interplanetary) illegal alien — Signoff: With the First Lord Intro — Immigration legislation: it's always 1986 — Hatched … ; First died, first served; The Intellectual Dark Web: Making New York Times readers' flesh creep; The spacing wars — Signoff: Baroque and soothing Intro — Upper West Side liberals fight integration — White school flight banned by law in Ohio — Trump shills for the cheap-labor lobbies — Tom and Linda: Am I to blame?— Weapons of mass migration — Miscellany: Political hero of the week; Why do poor Californians do so well in college?— Counting beyond one — Miscellany: Bezos shares his wealth; Happy Birthday Charles Murray!; White supremacy in Turkmenistan — Signoff: I'm sorry, I haven't a clue Intro — The singer and the song (cont.): That book — The DACAthlon: When will it end?; The bugocalypse — Signoff: Most Amazin' Man Intro — Foreign elections: Czechia — Foreign elections: Japan — Foreign elections: Kenya — Prophets without honor — Real estate and the National Question — Brexit: the long goodbye — Miscellany: The unbearable whiteness of math; Stein or Steen; Xi's elevation; Handy in the subway — Signoff: A definitive rendition Intro — Gloom, Boom, Doom, and Elderly Tourette's — From the email bag — Study Nineteen Big — The cyberwar threat — Austria votes for borders — Miscellany: Twitterphobes unite!; Anarcho-tyranny in Derbyshire; I am an Armageddon denier (bugwise); Failure of Christmas spirit — Signoff: Overalls in the chowder Intro — Two cheers for Trump's immigration proposal — Trump proposes, Congress and the judiciary dispose — Immigration politics: a golden rule — This year's geniuses: parasites, poseurs, and some real talent — The latest moral panic — Miscellany: Jerry Brown goes light on AIDS while STD rates soar; Social justice math; Belt-tightening in Turkmenistan — Signoff: With genius music Intro — Massacre in Las Vegas — The Obama-Holder-Lynch effect in New York — Dumping Puerto Rico: Yes we can!————————— Radio Derb has been on the air as a podcast since mid-2004.It's a once-a-week 30- or 40-minute commentary, usually posted late on Friday evening, covering news events from the week.— Peace is War, Freedom is Slavery, Temporary is Permanent — Voters ignore the Pervnado — Gender pronoun positionality — A man of sense in a world gone mad — Miscellany: Central American atavism; Israel-Saudi alliance now semi-official; At the hour of our death — Signoff: With special thanks Intro — The Big Cuck?— Goodbye, Cap'n Bob — Friends across the race line — The Age of Dropped Masks — Comsymps wallow in nostalgia — Trump's judges — Miscellany: An improbable target for the Red Guards; Blacks thank Trump!

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