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Right now, the college football regular season is pretty compelling, especially in conference play.That is a good start to the playoff scenario; let’s turn our attention to the current system – the BCS.There is some value here – the Bowls (at least the big ones) are special.Now the counter argument is they can still be incorporated into a playoff…ok2. - on this one there is no myth…but what exactly works for football?In this regard, microsporidia are obligate intracellular fungal parasites with extremely reduced genomes and hence, they are strongly dependent on their host for energy and resources.To date, there are few studies into host cell manipulation by microsporidia, most of which have focused on morphological aspects.I don’t have an answer and like I said early on my opinion on the matter changes nearly daily.

Intracellular parasites can alter the cellular machinery of host cells to create a safe haven for their survival.The BCS has already gone under several tweaks but yet has gotten things completely correct. The Bowls have been consolidated so Conference Champions are not forced to their original bowl alliances so an actual Champion can be determined.Here is believe is the greatest success of the BCS. In the OLD BOWL lineup we would have NEVER gotten Florida-Oklahoma, OR Florida-USC, OR USC-Texas, OR Florida-USC, etc…bowl tie in’s would have sent USC to the Rose to still play Penn State; Florida would have gone to the SUGAR…maybe to play Utah; Oklahoma (or Texas) would have gone to the ORANGE and played Virginia Tech and who knows who Texas in the FIESTA. Money – the BCS is a financial boon for the Schools and their Conferences. I think so, but right now the rich are getting richer.3. In many ways the sheer fact that we are even having the debates are a good thing for college football and the BCS.How they handle tiebreakers (did you see that Big 12 – lol)?In general, the NCAA is shut out of the BCS and the Bowl System and that is a little weird…There you have it, a look at both scenarios with no answer, just some of the pros and cons and the start of a healthy debate.This time of year, almost every year, a debate rages on about whether or not ‘Division I’ college football should join every other collegiate sport and create some sort of playoff system to determine it’s champion.No matter which side of the fence you sit on, there are obvious pros and cons for both cases.First, let’s look at the pros of moving to a playoff system which determines its winner ‘on the field’ (this is just my list from 30,000 feet – literally, I am on a plane, I’d love to hear your additions to the list):1.We get just that, ONE winner at the end of the day, no multiple Bowl Games that leaves the outcome in doubt.a. Does anyone really believe the Arizona Cardinals are ‘better’ than the Carolina Panthers? Revenue – sure the Bowl System is a sweet bonanza to the schools, the conferences, the BCS and the network it is on, but imagine the potential revenue for a ‘Super Bowl’ amongst college football.Coaches and players may continue to feel disconnected and not content and this might leave the college ranks earlier than usual for greener pastures.Ok, that would suck, especially on the coach’s front, but the kids are going as soon as they can and who can blame them? Conferences are left to determine how they want things done – do they have their own Championship game?

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  1. People usually presented the question as sort of a joke as if they’re not really serious, and initially I took their questions in that spirit. Clearly sometimes, like that time my bf got shouted at in public, but I also suspect as a white woman I was particularly likely to get questioned about this.

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