Sailor moon dating sim moon maid game

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Usagi needs to have her own agency, not just a “best effort for the MC to take over and finish it”.

They have a pretty decent, “enemy within” situation going down, and it’s looking to be quiet intriguing.

I love history, politics, public policy, the sciences, literature, arts...pretty much anything can make me geeky...except sports.While he isn’t as obvious in his creepiness as Haunted, he is very much of that tree.Usagi’s reaction to him is not butterflies in the stomach, but cold and absolute terror.For that we have the next part of the plot and that introduces us to a new character in Nagaru Hoshijiro. In addition to being headquartered in a hidden weapons bunker complete with kotatsu and her own potential spy-master in Shizuka-chan, she’s got that laid back-but in charge attitude that you see in finer LOLi School Council Presidents.She’s large and in charge, and just looks comfortable with her position. I like the idea of Mephistopheles; that even a group that is hard-wired to acknowledge the super-natural has their equivalent of a boggy-man say quite a bit about them, and makes the world’s background a bit richer.This is an easy way to get the character into their Morning Routine, giving the audience a tour of their daily life.It may not look good for the character if he/she wakens up and finds out they can't remember a thing about themselves. So seeing as Ouka is not at all interested in the Festival, and would rather engage in real hunting, this looks like a welcome retreat for her, especially when lives are already on the line.Plus they just roll out the suspicion train in regards to Tenmyoji sudden transfer and the timing of the Mephistopheles attacks.But it gives with one hand and takes with the other, as new character and “not-at-all-suspicious” transfer student Reima Tenmyoji is not only sponsoring and in charge of the Festival, but is also the man Usgai is engaged to.Nothing about the chance meeting between the two in the show even tries to suggest that this isn’t subversive and terrible.

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