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Everyone in our lives probably knew that marriage was going to be something in the not-so-distant future.

What did my mom say to you the first time you met her?

The chef said "I do" to San Francisco's Lesley Eldrige in Maui over the weekend. Before Ryan and Lesley's big island wedding day, friends and family gathered for an island-themed party to kick off the Hawaiian wedding weekend.

Prior to the nuptials, Ryan kept fans in the loop about all things #Mauime2014 (that's Maui Me as in Marry Me, get it? And, yes, that included plenty of photos of Ryan's pal, his dog Pumpkin, who seemed to party a little too hard before the couple's big day.

Ryan, was it easier for you to say things to and about Matt through your music? Did you two ever have any trouble working together on 35mm? 35mm was always really, really easy to work on together.

I would say the only difficulty we ever had was whenever Matt would have to photograph me.

I felt nervous to mess that up, so I was very cautious.

Ryan, was that really the only reason you emailed Matt? RSO: It was the only reason I emailed him at the time; in the sense that I wasn't necessarily available at the time…MM: I knew that as well.

I thought he was really cute when I met him backstage at Joe's Pub, and I made sure to maintain a friendship.

Ryan, when in this process did you start working on 35mm? MM: Which was hilarious for me because I would be sitting in a coffee shop working — at the time I was working more as a writer, so I'd be doing copy editing, or working on magazine articles — and Ryan would Instant Message me song lyrics that he'd written that were about a photograph I had taken.

I was so flattered, and also like, "This is crazy that someone is writing music based on a photograph of mine." I didn't necessarily know how to process that at first, other than being kind of giddy with excitement, but also unsure what it meant. I knew I wanted to marry him early on, and I was thinking to myself: "I'll [propose] this season, next season, the following season…"MM: We only think in terms of theatrical seasons.

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