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Their romance led to a divorce from his second wife Spanish actress, Olatz López Garmendia.

We reported in March 2011 how Schnabel and Jebreal got into a heated exchange in front of MSNBC “Morning Joe” staff at 30 Rock, where Schnabel was heard shouting in the makeup room at Jebreal that he didn’t like how the stylists had curled her hair.

But now, Rula and the artist-filmmaker have called it quits.

“He ended it before the Venice Biennale in June,” a source told “Page Six.” “Things became very difficult working on the movie together and promoting it together.

For three years now, Manhattan’s art society has been fascinated by the relationship between Palestinian filmmaker Rula Jebreal and artist Julian Schnabel.

In 2007, the pair met in Rome and decided to turn Jebreal’s book into a film.

The couple denied “any physical altercation” but said, “We had an argument in a public setting as couples sometimes do.” They broke up in June last year after a grueling press tour promoting “Miral.” A source told us at the time, “Things became very difficult working on the movie together.” They reconciled last fall and were spotted spending New Year’s Eve on Harbour Island.

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Her performance in the biographical drama Desert Dancer (2014) received critical acclaim.Art world It couple Julian Schnabel and Rula Jebreal have split again — and the famed artist has already moved on with a new partner half his age.After dating for five tempestuous years, Schnabel and Jebreal are over for good, friends say.This for your day in art world gossip — Julian Schnabel, past-his-prime 1980s neo-expressionist painter and burgeoning filmmaker — got into a screaming match with girlfriend Rula Jebreal over how NBC stylists had done her hair for an appearance on .The painter is notorious for being a bit of a drama queen, famously declaring himself “the next Picasso” back in his 80s heyday.Artist and filmmaker Schnabel, 60, who won a best director Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” is now seeing 29-year-old Danish supermodel May Andersen, a former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model.The new couple were photographed at the recent Urs Fischer opening at Gagosian Gallery.Schnabel’s then-wife (and the mother of his twin sons Cy and Olmo) said at the time: “He’ll make a wonderful movie, but it will cost us our marriage.” She was right.Rula and Julian began to date, even as Olatz continued living in Palazzo Chupi, Schnabel’s West Village residential art experiment.And the relationship reportedly failed to recover - they split in June (11), according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.A source tells the publication, "He ended it before the (art festival) Venice Biennale in June.

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