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If so, you could get the values in Row Updated event, I made a test on my computer and it works well, please refer to the code below, hope it can be helpful to you. I need the old values BEFORE the update is performed so I can make a decision as to whether or not to perform the update.

New Values("Price") 'The parameter is case sensitive. Add(obj Sql Param) Hi dwfreeman, According to your description, I know you want to get the Old Values after you updating data.

It sounds to me that this logic should be placed in an stored procedure.

Therefore getting the old values AFTER the update is of no value to me.

Sorry, the whole point of the exercise is to cancel the update if certain conditions are met between the old and new values.

Edit, True) obj Sql Param = New Sql Parameter("@Price", Sql Db Type. Also note that this gridview does not use a datasource control. So based on the previous response it may not be possible.

More information about the getting old values in Grid View control, please refer to the link below: you have any other questions, please feel free to post in this forum. Your code, if placed in the Row Updating event produces only the new values, not the old.

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