Queen noor dating photos

Remember, being the wife or girlfriend of the world’s richest men is no easy task.

The billionaire wives and girlfriends featured on this list are constantly under pressure to uphold their billion-dollar images.

Anne Wojcicki is a talented biotech analyst who founded a genetic testing company named 23and Me. She looks like a Brazilian supermodel, but Flavia Sampaio is really a lawyer by profession.

The couple has plans to donate DNA samples of their child for a 23and Me mapping project that aims to further research on eradicating disease. She uses her professional expertise to do social work in Brazil.

This Harvard MBA worked at Goldman Sachs and other companies before quitting to start Aragon Global, an asset hedge fund worth 0 million.

This Chinese-born American hottie is unwilling to be passed off as Rupert Murdoch’s arm candy wife.

She has been dating Brazil’s richest man Eike Batista for four years now, and they still seem to be going strong.

While Mukesh Ambani manages his multiple businesses, Nita Ambani stays busy in myriad ways.

Even her ,700 wedding gown by Claire Pettibone was not exorbitantly expensive.

Not all billionaire wives are as independently successful.

Anne Dias Griffin is no ordinary woman, and a good match for her billionaire husband.

If you have always dreamed of being treated like a princess and living in the lap of luxury, being in a relationship with a billionaire could be your key to that life.

Dating or marrying a billionaire will bring you all the glitz, glamour and material joys that you could ever have imagined, and even more than that.

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