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She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style.

She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon.

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Our motto speaks volumes to our intentions, Furry - Where real relationships begin.

Cats are sold desexed, first vaccination and micro-chipped.

They will be up to date on their worming and flea treatment.

Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. He will have to work hard at convincing a human she’s the only one for him or lose his pride and his mate. This is the purrfect continuation of the Paranormal Dating Agency. My favorite type, good thing she has her skills and was able to outsmart the less than intelligent males, they never should have underestimated her! Favorite Passages: - “I know you said you wanted a man that likes cats.” ... - And just like her cats at home, this one didn’t like being compared to a puppy. The morning after talk and it wasn’t even the morning after.

Unless it can be stopped before they ever get a chance to make some cubs. The story is funny, with passion - lots and lots of passion, and has the woman as the hero! Like nuclear-bomb-explosion-in-her-panties kind of hot. - “‘Have my cubs’ is not the first thing a woman wants to hear.” - What did one say to a woman other than ‘take your clothes off’?

Alyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man. A note on the passion: It is hotter than the first two and had me hoping no one else on the corporat OMG, PDA just keeps getting hotter and hotter! The story is funny, with passion - lots and lots of passion, and has the woman as the hero! I love these little spicy bites that Taiden creates. Grayson is a growly and sexy tiger who needs a mate and needs her yesterday.

Comment SWIPE RIGHT if you’re ready to help open her chakra, or SWIPE LEFT if the stars haven’t aligned on this occasion!

You feel like you’ve joined every dating site and used every dating app, but you just can’t find someone who shares your interests. Mullets, sadly, didn’t die in the ’80s and early ’90s.

After all, why would date someone who doesn’t love bacon? Hopefully you can tell a lot about a person based on their dog. Sometimes the written word is the sexiest and most romantic thing of all. Yeah, it’s definitely for those who have money and want someone with plenty of money to maintain their lifestyle. You’ve probably heard of this one in the news after a guy got tired of women turning him down after they found out about his love for Disney. Find your prince or princess and live happily ever after. It’s definitely better than trying to hit on random people and hope they’re into threesomes.

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  2. Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States.