Problems with dating in the workplace No sign up just meet in fuck

For example, the rules should not be applied more strictly to a same-sex couple than they are to a heterosexual couple.This would be a clear-cut case of direct sexual orientation discrimination.A good rule of thumb is that employers can control employees’ actions only when they are working, or where their actions have a direct impact on their employment.For example, the employer could take action if the employees’ extracurricular activities are bringing the employer into disrepute.

Some large employers adopt a written policy on personal relationships at work.

A couple working together might use their work email or some other form of internal communication to send each other inappropriate messages, they should be reminded that such communications may be monitored or intercepted by their employer for legitimate reasons.

Employers should be particularly vigilant about employees giving away confidential information to their partner when they work for the same organisation.

Even if a UK employer did require employees to sign a “love contract”, an employment tribunal is likely to find the agreement to be unenforceable.

Some employers may want to have a blanket ban on any form of personal relationship between work colleagues.

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