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She did four tours in four years, starting with "...Baby One More Time" tour and ending in Dream Within a Dream.She also revealed she Will Not Be A Victim, how dancing is therapy for her, and shows her workload over a three month album launch.Britney has since recovered fairly well and has made a comeback of sorts, returning to her career full-time.Interestingly, Spears orchestrated many of her most controversial moments, including choosing a high school setting for her first music video, and unbuttoning her t-shirt for her '99 Rolling Stone cover.

In 2004, Britney's personal life entered a downward spiral, with the media reporting every detail.

The pair married months after meeting while Federline's ex-girlfriend () was created in an effort to combat the waves of bad publicity surrounding their relationship.

Viewership started off strong but gradually declined over the show's run and ironically, only adding to the media craze around her.

We spent 6 hours together bowling, having dinner, and watching a movie.

We 100% are soulmates and owe it all to Plenty of Fish!

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