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also, word walls on top of mountains would be so cool, even if they served no purpose. : DWell I am currently not working on the map because I am setting up a server. If you meant that problem where you said - without any sign of grammer knowledge at all - that I should help you with your server then I am sorry but I am not going to build a server for anybody that asks me.But when everything is running I could maybe build a few more things on this map. I made this map because I enjoyed building in that style.So in my eyes you started the rude commenting but I don't think that discussing makes a lot of sense.

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Now be proud that you speak better English than a not native speaker and tell me more about your problem.Read the title and let this project rest, it's 4 years old. I'm currently making a top ten RPG's for my youtube channel and I lost my copy of skyrim.If you're looking for a more accurate rebuild, you can take a look at my Windhelm rebuild. Long story short I would like to use your map as the visuals for that part of the segment. It just started out, and we have a few other maps such as Hogwarts, Attack on Titan, etc.That is the main thing provoked me to write this post.Show Box is a great app with bulk features offering for the user without cost anything. Download the launcher here: Shoutouts to cpw (@minecraftcpw on twitter) for making old versions of Minecraft work in the new launcher, and of course to Dr Zhark (@Dr Zhark on twitter) for the Mo’ Creatures horses! Also note, as already stated on this blog a couple of times, this update requires a new launcher.(about thirty seconds of them thinking) OH yeah that's right that game Yes (if we are talking about the same city) it is heavily inspired by Riften although I had to change some things due to a lack of space : DThere's also a map above with some names so you know where I took inspiration from And thanks for the compliment : DThis is awesome!If you get to it, make the ruins explorable inside, and add furniture and npcs to the villages.Have a look on them and use them to watch your favourite movies as you do on Show Box. We are all movie lovers so we must share our views to make the web better and better.Please let me know if I’ve skipped something in this list. You comment will be a golden coin for need people who are searching for Showbox alternates.

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