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These questions not only give you a reality check when asked to your inner self but when asked to someone else, they let you know the person better.

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Hey, some men are the type that will always rather be with the boys than their girlfriend. You can find out what your potential mate doesn’t like to answer, simply by asking him this question. Or is he willing to admit that he’s insecure about his nose/eyes/personality/job? Everyone has a different answer for this, and it’s definitely an important thing to find out early on the relationship. We guarantee this is a prying, personal question that is unlike any of the others.27. Another excellent personal question that will help you discover a bit more about his personality, wants, and needs.28. This is just a fun question that you can save the answer to for later. Do enjoy one on one outings or do you prefer big groups? Have you ever longed for a woman that was much older than you? This is obviously an important matter to find out early on the relationship.4. This is a great question and will probably come with an interesting explanation as to why they chose the person they did.8. Every man has a different answer to this important, prying question, so obviously it’s a great one to ask! Just remember- you won’t be able to find out the answer to the question he refuses to discuss, so take note of this before asking him. Whatever his answer his, reassure him that he has nothing to be insecure about and you love his _____. We just hope he doesn’t respond with one of those, “I don’t believe in love” phrases. You can discover a lot about a person’s personality with this simple question.30. If he says anything other than the breasts or butt, that’s huge brownie points for him. What would you do if your ex-girlfriend suddenly wanted to get back together? Plus, if you find out he’s into gamers with brown hair and you’re a blonde haired lady who despises video games, you might realize it’s not a match made in heaven after all. If he says he’d get back with her, then it’s obviously time for you to go running in the opposite direction. Does the guy you’re talking to think that ice skating is dangerous, or are you in the midst of an incredibly dramatic and enticing story that is built for an action film? It might be every guy’s dream to have multiple girlfriends at one time, but even if he does wish for that he shouldn’t tell you. On the other hand, if he says he would politely reject her then it shows he’s completely over his past relationship and ready to meet someone new. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s with this question! (Unless you’re also into open relationships, in which case more power to the both of you! If these deep questions have helped you reflect on yourself or on your relationship, you know they work.If they have given you a way to delve deeper into yourself, your relationship, or your life in general, go ahead and use them to know yourself and those around you, better. In our busy lives, we seldom hear that inner voice of ours. This can be in the form of intuition, or for some, it is connecting with the supreme. Find out if your man has a secret stash in his bank account from all his hard work, or if he wants you by his side as he struggles through college trying to reach his dream career. Of course we aren’t talking to him for his money (or lack thereof).

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