Pakistani dating points

Do not shake hands unless a woman offers her first. If you have timely issues it is better to be direct and take the conversation back or find the best way to manage it.

The way people view time is different in Pakistan from Canada. Men and women display affection for friends of the same gender publicly but not so for friends of the opposite gender, even when they are good friends.

However, try to stay away from both topics as something small can become controversial.

Instead, try to keep a conversation around things you would talk about in Canada.

Conversations around where one is from, and what one does can all be good conversation starters, likely to encourage others to respond in a similar way.You would find that Pakistanis are generally curious about personal experiences.Share travel stories and positive observations about Pakistan.Hence, it is advisable to mention about where you are from.Pakistanis are proud of their culture and historical past and love to talk about politics and religion.Expressing one’s personal interests in the success of the project can create a good impression that will likely elicit buy in and cooperation of Pakistani colleagues.Pakistani’s tend to be very personal when it comes to conversations.For instance, cricket in Pakistan is synonymous to ice hockey in Canada.Confrontational arguments during first interaction are uncommon and can leave you in a tricky situation.Pakistanis tend to find connections mentioning that they know someone who has lived or work there.Finding a common ground can make conversation easy.

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