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Last year Starmaid games released the experimental coming-of-age drama Cibele, a quasi-autobiographical game by developer Nina Freeman.Now, two of Starmaid's ranks (Nina Freeman and Emmett Butler) have joined forces with a couple of other devs (Diego Garcia and Maxo) to make yet another game about college sex - only this one is a lighthearted arcade comedy.The only problem is that their cramped living quarters are such that only one person can secure the bedroom for the night.The solution: whiz through your date as quickly as possible so you can be the first one back home.To do this, you must take your date to a handful of hot spots to set the mood.

It's too silly to identify with on a literal level, yet just familiar enough to be a comic reflection of the chaos of youth.What really elevates Bum Rush is that it transcends snickering sex humour into a sophisticated satire about young adulthood.College kids really horny, and it's quite natural to harbour feelings of bitterness when you're single but most of your peers have dates.There is a chance that over time (years), the container could cause the water to have a different taste.There is much more information at the website in the Links section. There are two main types of sterilization that all food and drink manufacturers use.Entitled Bum Rush, this latest offering is touted as "an eight-player car combat dating sim racing game." Indeed it is all the things.The basic premise is ingenious: eight university student sharing a dorm each get texted for a booty call.This orgiastic flat doesn't discriminate and acknowledges that when you get right down to it everyone f***s.It even represents sex as more than a vanilla ritual as the cutesy post-match victory scenes gleefully tease kinkier pleasures for our horny heroes.Smash into someone's car and you'll knock their date across the road where they'll blindly get in a vehicle with the first person to come across them.In fact, players can even snag multiple marooned singles into the same date. The core mechanics of Bum Rush are very simple - the inputs are limited to the D-pad for direction and A for gas - but scrambling around the neighborhood cockblocking your mates and stealing their partners is a hoot in short doses.

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