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The Congress revised the 1973 OLF Political Program and issued a new detailed program.

On September 6, 1974, the first Oromo Liberation Army was obliterated by mortar fire in the Battle of Tiro in which they lost both Ahmad Taqi and Elemo Qiltu; only three OLA soldiers survived.

A two day secret conference was organized among Oromo leaders and the attendees hailed from all corners of Oromia and a more broadbased leadership was elected.

A few members of the ENLF, who were released from custody in Somalia in 1975, and others, who had entered the country on previous occasions, as well as representatives of the underground study cells, individual Oromo nationalist and patriots were members of what is now called the "Founding Congress".

The military government increased its viciousness against the OLF by burning entire villages, massacring student activists and through mass arrests.

The military government was on the verge of collapse as three rebel groups were obliterating its rule of the country.

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